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Safari caching the plugin version

Prior to plugin release 0.8.725, Safari users may not be prompted for updates due to browser caching. Clearing the browser cache will resolve this issue for plugin version 0.8.703 and older. This has been corrected with the release of plugin version 0.8.725 and beyond.

For instructions on clearing the Safari cache see Clearing Safari Cache


Downloads (v0.8.725)

You can download the plugin installers here:

Having an issue with the plugin or implementation? Have a request for a new feature?

Let us know in our plugin discussion group.!forum/temasys-discuss-webrtcplugin

Compatibility Matrix

 Win7 IE9Win7 IE10Win 7 IE 11Win 8.1 IE 11Win7 SafariWin8.1 SafariOSX 10.9 Safari 7.x
Stream RenderingOKOKOKOKSize issuesSize issuesOK
DataChannelString only 
Multi-TabNO OK
Temasys BackendOKOKOKOKSize issuesSize issuesOK


Features introduced by the version 0.8.725

18 June, 2014

  • The devices are only fetched and activated when needed an released as soon as possible
  • Huge improvements regarding memory release (mainly on Windows)
  • MediaStream::stop was implemented
  • PeerConnection::close was implemented
  • PeerConnection::onstatechange was renamed onsignalingstatechange according to the specs
  • PeerConnection::oneicechange was renamed oniceconnectionstatechange according to the specs
  • Added a cache breaker to prevent Safari caching the plugin's latest version number (preventing auto-update)
  • PeerConnection ICEServer config can now take a sequence of ICESevers urls as well as a unique one for the same bloc of credentials

Features introduced by the version 0.8.703

06 June, 2014

  • A NULL ICECandidate is sent once the ICEGathering is done
  • The data channel can be used to send strings - see here for an example
  • The function PeerConnection.getStats was implemented - see here for an example
  • The plugin can be set into verbose mode for debugging purposes - see How to use the plugin in verbose mode
  • The auto update function will now give you a direct download link
  • Stability improvements, mainly on Internet Explorer

Features introduced by the version 0.8.624

23 May, 2014

  • Authorisation to use the camera/mic is asked before starting it (in GUM)
  • When lunched the plugin sends a request asking for the latest version number and prompts a message if a newer version is available

Initial Release

12 May, 2014

Currently Implemented

  • GetUserMedia
  • RTCPeerConnection
  • Create Ice Server(s)
  • RTCSessionDescription
  • Rendering a stream (in a plugin element, with respect of the original video ratio)
  • Re-attaching a stream
  • Enabling/Disabling the capture from your camera
  • Enabling/Disabling the capture from your microphone
  • Click on a plugin instance (triggers element.onclick with the plugin element as arg.srcElement)
  • DataChannel (send strings only)
  • Verbose mode

Implementation In-Progress

  • DataChannel (sending raw data)
  • Drag and Drop
  • Context Menu (Right Click) Mute

Known Issues

  • A rendering will sometimes go empty (white screen); Removing the element and injecting it again will solve the problem
  • If you microphone was disabled and you enable/disable the video camera, then your mic will be turned back on
  • Seldom crashes



This is currently pre-release software, while it is generally stable there is on-going development for this project, there are several known issues and it may occasionally crash or behave unexpectedly.

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