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Documentation deprecated

This documentation was updated for versions 0.8.869 and above. The visit the new documentation


Due to limitations in the plugin interface, we had to delegate part of the data sending implementation to javascript.
This documents explains how this was done, and what the repercussion of this solutions are.

Sending a string

If you use the plugin so send a string with this call:

 var data = "My string data";

Then the plugin is directly sending the string "data" to the other side of the data channel.

Sending a non string data

If you send one of the following types:

  • Int8Array

  • Uint8Array

  • Int16Array

  • Uint16Array

  • Int32Array

  • Uint32Array

 var data = new Int8Array(10);

then the plugin will call the following javascript function to parse the ArrayBuffer into a string that can be sent to through the plugin interface

_Tem_ab2str = function(buf) { 
    var str = String.fromCharCode.apply(null, new Uint8Array(buf.buffer)); 
    return new Uint8Array(buf.buffer); 


When the remote data channel receives the string, it will change it back into a UInt8Array using the following function:

_Tem_str2ab = function(str) { 
    var buf = new ArrayBuffer(str.length); 
    var bufView = new Uint8Array(buf); 
    for (var i=0, strLen=str.length; i<strLen; i++) { 
    bufView[i] = str[i]; 

When you receive the data on the other side of the data channel, you can then use:

function onReceiveMessageCallback(event) { // was set as the receiving datachannel onmessage callback
	var data = new Int8Array(;


Temasys considered it the best available solution and does not plan on releasing a different implementation in the close future.

Sending other types of data

Sending other types of data will lead to unexpected behaviour. You data might be sent successfully, some of it might be lost or corrupted, or the plugin could even crash.


  1. The implementation of string sending is that same as it was before.
  2. You should not override the functions _Tem_ab2str nor _Tem_str2ab.
  3. Overriding these functions might lead to unexpected behaviours

Examples of how to use the data channel

We adapted the dataChannel sample provided by Google to work with the plugin, and implemented a second test for sending non-string elements. 

Please refer to these examples if you try to implement a data channel in your own solution.

DataChannel and strings:
DataChannel and ArrayBuffers:

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